Meet our Executive team.

Although our team comes from various backgrounds, all of our players possess the same three traits… GRIT, PASSION, and a DESIRE TO INNOVATE.

All of the founders we work with are members of the team, and as teammates, we are always there to work together.

Here's some of our MVPs:

James Notaris

James Notaris

Managing Partner

Founder & Managing Director of Callens Capital. James (Jim) Notaris has a seasoned and broad track record in acquisitions and start-ups, law, finance, power generation and infrastructure assets, technology assets, private equity and venture capital. James (Jim) Notaris is an attorney and certified public accountant.

Our Team

Amanda Albert

Amanda Notaris

VP of Operations

Brandon Damiano

Viktoria Freeman


Brandon Damiano

Robert Long


Ana Borruto

Natalia Woodman


Ana Borruto

Nat Reynolds

Advertising Manager