What matters most is INNOVATION

We believe information is what leads to innovation.
So what we seek to do is help create that information.



Callens Capital is a seed and early-stage venture capital fund.
We think and work "outside the box".
The goal of each of our team members is growth.
We are problem-solvers, big thinkers, and innovators who believe in the founders we work with.
We start start-ups and we seed early stage venture capital.

We're detailed.

We don’t move forward on an opportunity without a thorough plan in place. Everything we do is calculated, tested, and then executed. Our meticulous, driven team strives to provide detailed strategies to create long-lasting value.

We research.

We help research the market, timing, location, hiring needs, finance, and other elements. Our team works to help our partners. Of course, every company is different, so we make sure our research process adapts to each unique partner.

We're involved.

We provide more than just capital. Our sleeves are rolled up, ready to get our hands dirty, and build a company from the start. Our team can be involved with our investments in every step of the way — and remember, it all starts with that first idea.

We think big.

We pride ourselves in thinking and working "outside the box". We invest in, and partner with great people with great ideas. We strive to transform garage startups into thriving businesses.

We leverage analytics.

We want our founders to think of our analysis as a compass guiding them on the path to success. Our experienced researchers are apt across all industries. Our team takes the time to understand your company from top to bottom, and help develop growth.

We deliver.

The goal of each of our team members is growth. We are problem-solvers, big thinkers, and innovators who believe in the founders we work with.

"We're not just a typical VC firm.
We want to build relationships, cultivate ideas, and work together to achieve partner goals.
Comfy meetings.
No boardrooms necessary.
Teamwork to develop talent!"

Our Steps

When is best to contact Callens Capital?
We want to hear your ideas, and it is never too early to reach out. We look for investments in the Angel and Series A rounds of financing.
What is the investment process and how long may it take?
Our timeline varies, but we like to build relationships with partners as well as invest.
What types of companies do you invest in?
We are seeking companies that can make a difference. We are big believers that information leads to innovation. We seek to leverage that information in means to help progress and develop growth.
How do I contact you about an investment?
Simply send us an email with a PDF or Powerpoint presentation. We would love to set up a time to chat.
What is your investment process?
It begins with discussion. The typical meeting process is listed below. We take a six-pronged approach.

  1. Initial Discussion by Email
  2. Initial Discussion by Phone
  3. Primary Meeting
  4. Due Diligence and Legal Matters
  5. Final Decision
  6. Project Closing
What makes Callens Capital unique?
We pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box. Our founders are our priority, and we provide guidance every step of the way.
How can Callens Capital help?
Aside from funding, Callens Capital provides all levels of support. We serve as active partners because we believe in all of the founders that we work with.
How about Series B or Series C rounds of financing?
While we’d love to talk, we typically only invest in the earlier rounds of funding.

Meet the people who make it possible.